About Joey Del’s 2001 Caterers

Joey Del’s 2001 Caterers specializes in off-premises catering, featuring beautiful sit-down or buffet services for weddings, summer barbeques, family and holiday parties, graduations, gourmet hors d’oeuvre socials, and many more.

Whatever the event, our services are the best!


We bring 50 years of combined experience in the food industry to every event we cater. All of our food is carefully selected and prepared fresh by our culinary chefs, using  recipes we have cultivated through decades of experience. We also ensure that our employees are well trained to service our treasured clientele with professional services and a well-tempered attitude toward your special guests.

We value and respect our clients and their guests, so we promise to do two VERY IMPORTANT things when planning and managing your event:

The first is to fully explain what services we will perform and exactly what the total costs will be when you first organize the affair. This is accomplished by supplying our customers with a complete Job Service Contract that itemizes every detail and cost involved in the catering.

The second and MOST IMPORTANT is that, whatever the affair and regardless of the size, the event reflects the QUALITY of our service to each person who attends the function and the PERSONALITY and GRATITUDE of the hosts toward their invited guests.

Keeping these two ideals in mind has made 2001 Caterers the best off-premises catering service in the area!

Thank you for considering 2001 Caterers!

Your Host,
Joseph Del Signore, Jr.

Joey Del Caterers